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Why is The Forest Such an Unplayed Game?

By Xandre Maldonado

Do you like horror/adventure games that you can play with your friends? Well I got one for you! The Forest is a fun horror and adventure game that has a lot of lore behind it. It's available on Pc or Playstation 4 and 5, but you sadly can't do crossplay. This game was made May 30th, 2014 but got a lot of players around 2018 to 2021! I think this game is really fun not only because of the lore but because of the gameplay and adventure! The adventure is fun because of all the things you can do and make! For example with turtle shells you can surf down hills and mountains which doesn't sound that fun at first but when you do it it's actually really exciting!

This multiplayer horror/adventure games lore is really cool! Your main goal is to find your son after the plane you were in crashed and he disappeared. You have to travel around the island for clues about what happened to your son and try to get out. There's not just 1 ending to the game but 2 different endings. The setting you're in is well obviously a forest but not a normal forest, a forest with cannibals. These cannibals try to kill you on your journey. But don't worry because you can also create armor and weapons to fight off the cannibals trying to attack you! These cannibals aren't all normal though. These cannibals may look like normal humans but when you get deeper into the games. For example most caves have these mutated cannibals like a multiarmed one. This one has multiple arms so it makes it stronger and harder to take down. But they are just side bosses most of the time. There's also a main boss at the end but I wont say any spoilers, the only way to see it is to play the game itself or just watch a video.

When I played this game I really liked it but I wish they added more things we can craft or special loot we get for defeating side bosses like their armor or weapons. But that doesn't matter because it's still really fun! In my opinion this game, like most games, is funner with your friends because you and your friends can experience the game at the same time! My favorite parts are when you fight the bosses or enter caves because the suspense is really cool and fun! My least favorite part is when you die with all your stuff and have to get it before you despawn but you have to be safe because you dont wanna die by the same things again. This game is pretty long, probably around 6 to 8 hours to finish it depending on what you do.

I would give this game an 7.5/10. The reason I give it that score is because it's really fun but the thing with its drawbacks is how it's directed to certain people , including horror game fans. I'm not a big horror game fan but i could deal with this only because there's no jumpscares unless you turn a corner and a cannibal hits you. But I wasn't fully scared because the cannibals sounded goofy. I think it's really good during quarantine because it's a fun way to hang out with your friends and have fun! If you're not a bloody/horror fan then I wouldn't recommend the game to you, but if you do like that genre then I would recommend you play it! Thanks for reading my review, if you try the game tell me what you thought of it and if it's cool!

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