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Volleyball Season Comes To An End

by Casey Pichardo

9th Grade

The volleyball season started in September.  There have been twelve season games, and the girl’s have won two games.  “It has been kind of sad. There were definitely times we should have won, but we gave up at the end” said Kaitlyn Morales, a 9th grade player.  

The volleyball team is lead by Coach Keith, who has been coaching for many years.  There are 20 girls on the team. Katori Alers, a senior player, was captain of the team this year.  “She was very inspirational with her pre-game speeches. She would always tell us how much she believes in us, and to never give up.  She just wanted us to do our best,” said Kaitlyn Morales.


ESCHS co-ed season starts in February 2020.  

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