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Top Restaurants for 8th graders: how to Save Money and Eat Well

by Axel Kirk

The city of New York is one of the most diverse cities on the planet, filled with different languages, beliefs, and, most importantly, foods. It would take 16 years to eat at every restaurant in Queens alone. But a lot of those are expensive, and money is a big thing in our lives. This article is for you, a new 8th grader who needs to know where to get good food:

  • That's in your budget

  • That is healthy

  • That you can eat and get back to school on time

And I want you to eat diverse food! A lot of my friends eat at 711, or McDonald's, and when I get a whiff of this food, I say no. This just won't do. Here are my top restaurants for you.

#1: The Dumpling Man

Dumpling Man is a great restaurant, with beautiful handcrafted food. Their pork dumplings have amazing taste, with a good amount of salt, and nice bits of leek and scallion mixed in. A great place in sum, but a bit pricey. A dollar per dumpling, but still. A good old 4/5.

#2: Iggy’s Pizza

Being in New York, there are a lot of pizza places. Leo’s, Joe’s, Joe and John’s, Triangolos, Houdinis, Louies, Two Boots, and more. There are two pizza places I know of in the surrounding two blocks, but this is easily your best bet when it comes to lunch. It's across from school, so it's easy to get to. The food is already ready to go, so you'll have time to get back to school. And best of all, it's good! Their pizzas are nice and thin, it's only 3 dollars a slice, and they take whatever currency you have, so you don't need to be specific when your parents give you lunch money. Easy 3.5/5.

#3: That Food Truck

Ok, I know what you're thinking. It's old. It looks gross. It smells like, well, a 20-year-old food truck. But hear me out! This place is actually good. If you don't like halal because it's something you've never tried, I won't force you. But they do have other foods like french fries, chicken, and burgers. And their soda is free! Now I'm not saying it's great, but it's good enough to eat, it's nearby, and it's fast. It's also so cheap, you'd want to offer them more money. Not my most recommended, but good for low-budget and decent food.


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