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The Matrix Resurrections - Spoiler Free Review

by Ismael Bustelo

The Matrix Resurrections is the fourth entry in the Matrix movies returning 18 years after the end of the third film. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss return as the protagonists and Lana Watchoski returns without her sister to direct the film. The movie seemed promising to many fans when first announced and even succeeds in captivating audience members in the first act.

The movie starts to fall apart as the film progresses. You can tell it had potential to be much better. For a Matrix movie the action sequences felt average and the plot was subpar at many times. The script feels very rushed. It retreads the original plot which is fine but it seems as if other plot points were not as fleshed out as a result. As a result, the movie does not have much rewatchability. The first Matrix is great because of its involvement with the audience and its strong themes/execution of those themes but throughout this film, the audience does not feel very invested in anything besides Neo and Trinity’s arc. The Matrix Resurrections wasn't awful or even a bad movie but it just leaves me wondering about the point of making this film.

I understand that director of the film, Lana Wachoski, was trying to capture the nature of what it means to have your art exploited and this seems to be a very strong aspect of the story. Much of the movie's plot and themes are direct comparisons for the real life state of the Matrix Franchise. I appreciate what direction the film went in, but the execution was lacking in too many aspects. It just does not work tonally or in terms of the overarching story. The Matrix Resurrections is a movie that is enjoyable to watch but unfortunately could also be skipped and you would not be missing out on much.

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