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The French Dispatch Review - Spoiler Free

by Ismael Bustelo

The French Dispatch is arguably the best movie to have come out in the past year. The film is full of moments that will not only tug at the heartstrings but also make you laugh out loud. Written and directed by Wes Anderson, the movie is about a collection of articles that a magazine has saved to publish for its final issue. It follows three main storylines full of humorous, melancholy, and oftentimes vibrant tones.

Each of the key points in this film are done spectacularly. The acting in this movie is phenomenal and does the writing justice. As a result, each character has a vivid personality and whimsical story arc. The comedic elements do not impede the story but serve to make the audience feel a stronger connection to the characters with whom you grow to love by the end.

If you have a love for cinema or just an appreciation for the beautiful visuals, this may be a movie for you. Being shot in 4:3, the cinematography compliments the personal tone of the movie. The color grading constantly switches from the most vibrant hues to a grayscale very often, depending on the nature of each scene. Both the story and the visuals together succeed in making the audience captivated. The plot of The French Dispatch is the plot of our daily lives. Sometimes hard to grasp, other times bittersweet, but always beautiful when seeing the artistry behind it all. The French Dispatch is a must-see movie.

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