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Students Rave About Winter Formal

by Lyla Cheary

There was music, dancing, pretty lights, and beautiful decorations. But most importantly, fun!

The winter formal took place in the Cafe on Friday, February 10th, from 7-10 pm. The dance was complete with an amazing DJ and delicious food. Despite the absence of the majority of the student body, the 100-150 who did make an appearance definitely took advantage of the night.

Students were interpretively dancing, creating spontaneous circle dances, and even walking in the occasional line dance. Everyone present was jumping with excitement, singing, and dancing to the beat. Delighted energy and happy smiles never wavered until the night ended, and no doubt lasted until students went to sleep. The DJ ensured that phones were raised and flashlights were alight for the perfect video and for the perfect experience. Thanks to the DJ, everyone who wanted to dance was included. Better yet, he was a remarkable crowd director and definitely elevated the evening. Give it up for the DJ!

“My favorite part was probably the dancing, it was really funny to watch everyone dance too, though.” One of the tenth graders mentioned. “I liked the decorations,” someone else said, “I think it really pulled the night together.”

They were right, the decoration team made the space look beautiful. The whole cafe was decorated from floor to ceiling, with cohesive decorations all themed for winter.

It was truly the night of nights.

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