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Reflections on Returning to School

by Elizabeth Aubrey and Jenayah Rivera department-issues-back-to-school-guidance-for-2021-22-school-year

We know that it has been a big transition returning to the school building this fall Four students and two teachers were asked about how they felt returning to school this year and how they have navigated the transition.

Question: How does it feel to be back at school?

“Uh I don’t Know. It’s not a horrible feeling. I enjoy in-person more than online because it allows me to focus more and my grades can prove that statement… It’s painful having to wake up everyday at 6am to still come to school late” - Kayla Laing (11th grade)

“It sucks. I liked having blended learning because I could be at home and now I have to come to school and get the same work done.” - Adrianny Estevez (11th grade)

Adrianny Estevez and Kayla Laing

“It feels good. I’m super excited to be back with all my students. It’s hard to read students over zoom, here I can see if they’re struggling and need help.” - Danny Lora

“It feels awesome. Because I didn’t feel like being home - but there is a good thing about staying home because I got to spend more time with my kids. I didn’t really know them but I had a year and a half to get to know my kids which I hadn’t been able to do from 6th to 12th grade.” - Coach Lou

“It’s fun. It’s great to see everyone. I like getting up and going somewhere.” - Iggy Rogue (11th grade)

“It feels nice. I like being around people - new things happen everyday.” -Willamina Garrelts (11th grade)

Iggy Rogue and Willamina Garrelts

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