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Ray’s Candy Store: Fried Wonderland on Avenue A

by Hinata Ajisafe

In a city that never sleeps, there are tons of food places for adults, the elderly, babies, and students alike. But there is one special place in the Lower East Side called Ray’s Candy Store which opened in 1974 and is run by Ray Alvarez.

They serve treats like fried Oreos, ice cream, and french fries. I got the fried Oreos and they were softer than I thought they were going to be. It was like cake. It was $6 for 12 so not that bad a price.

It is near Tompkins Square Park, where children play as the birds fly around eating out of trash cans. It was a colorful store full of newspapers which were fun to look at. I gave most of the fried oreo to a group of people and these were their thoughts: “It’s really good,” said a kid. One lady said, “It was overall yummy,” because it reminded her of a dessert she had tried, “It was very flavorful.” Another lady said, “It was kinda like a donut with a cookie softened inside.” A father said, "It was moist." "It was sweet,” one lady said.

Overall, it was really cool and you should go. It was really fun and there were fried twinkies as well as fried Reeses.

And before I go you can find Ray’s candy store on 113 Avenue A.

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