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Our Restless Climate Change Fight: How are Government Officials Trying to Solve Climate Change?

by Carmen Jansons

Imagine waking up on a normal day, and the first thing you do is open your blinds. As you open them you see water as high as your knees outside. When you look up you don’t see the blue sky, instead, you see gray smoke.

Many social media platforms post the future of the Earth's climate, and people scroll past them as if climate change won’t play an important role in their lives. Later, you may wish you could have done something. But, it is not too late. There is still something you can do.

What are government officials going to do? This is an important question because trying to stop global warming takes a lot of money. Of course, not everyone is going to have the same solution to the problem, but we have to be creative. We will have to work together.

We will hear from two different people, a senator and a mayoral candidate, who are trying to come up with different solutions to fight against climate change.

Solar panels are a common option to combat climate change, but most people don’t have the money to afford solar panels. They cost up to 12,198 dollars or more. This is a struggle for low and middle class income families.

“Solar Panels should have credit which means you can get it for free and don’t credit people.” New York City Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr said, in an original interview. He was upset when he stated that we would need “billions of dollars for wind farms and solar panels.”

Senator Addabbo is one of many government officials trying to fight climate change. He said that people need to, “open your eyes, look at what is going on around you!” Senator Addabbo is trying to make sure that teens and younger generations can have a healthy planet when they grow up.

On the other hand, mayoral candidate Dianne Morales has different ways of trying to solve climate change.

Dianne Morales is trying to make money through trying to fix climate change. That means people are able to get jobs while helping fix the Earth's climate at the same time. She states that the green jobs are “meaningful” and she is making it an order to achieve a better future for our Earth.

“Drawing on our ingenuity and labor through green jobs to provide meaningful, inclusive, and socially just employment will play a fundamental role in accelerating the necessary shift the city needs in order to achieve our climate justice, sustainability, and resilience goals,” Morales said.

Morales also plans to establish a Green and Blue Bonds Program which helps finance sustainable and renewable energy projects. This would be great for New York City because for those who don’t have the money to finance a project that helps the environment, the Green and Blue Bonds Program can fund it.

Dianne Morales and Senator Addabbo have the creative new ideas that our world needs to fight climate change.

You might wonder how you can help fight climate change. There are plenty of smaller ways to help contribute that doesn't cost as much money as what the government has.

One way you can help fight climate change is to buy less clothes, and eat more fruits and vegetables that are lower on the food chain. Also you can take public transportation because if you were to switch from taking the car to public transportation you would reduce 10% in all greenhouse gases. If you were to take a car you would be emitting 20 pounds of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

If you take these actions, in ten years when you open your blinds you will be able to see the bright blue sky you could not have seen before. You won’t have to worry about your planet’s health, feeling happy to have a protected and renewable environment.

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