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Little Women Movie Review

by Sabrina Michelena

9th Grade

To put it simply, the 2019 Little Women movie was outstanding. With exquisite shots and significant plot lines, followed by masterful acting, the movie is a must-see. The movie is about four sisters named: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy March. The movie is set after the Civil War and depicts the sisters transitioning from young girls to married women. The movie includes actors such as Golden Globe Winner Saorise Ronan, Academy Award Nominee Florence Pugh, Golden Globe Nominee Timotheé Chalamet, and of course, the ever-legendary, Meryl Streep who won three Oscars in her career. Greta Gerwig, the director, did a superb job making the film relevant in the modern world, adding subtle feminist topics, for example, Jo gave a speech about how women’s role in their world was to marry and bear children. In the 2019 version, there is also a small twist at the end. The movie was entertaining and it seemed as if the characters themselves had been brought to life.

There have been many Little Women movies, the first one being a silent film from 1918. Compared to the 2019 movie, the 1994 adaptation, starring Winona Ryder and Christian Bale. follows the same story with slight alterations. For example, the 1994 version follows the story in chronological order, as opposed to the 2019 version, which starts in the middle of the story and includes flashbacks to when the girls were young. Although the 1994 version was sterling, it didn’t give as much attention to the characters themselves. For example, one of the sisters, Beth, appears briefly throughout the movie but her character is not known very well in the 1994 version. In the 2019 version, her character is focused upon much more and the viewer gets to really know the character. Although both movies are excellent, the 2019 version is superior.

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