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Ivan Ramen: One of My Favorite Restaurants of All Time.

By: Sabina Rodriguez

Do you love ramen? If you do, you should check out Ivan Ramen. I tried Ivan Ramen about 6 months ago and it was delicious. You can find the small cozy and popular restaurant on 25 Clinton Street, Lower East Side. I guarantee it’s worth trying. You will be served good quality food (that you will love) and be treated amazingly nicely.

When I went to Ivan Ramen, I was lucky enough to dine in seeing as it’s very popular and small. Although Ivan Ramen is small and usually crowded, the staff is very kind and is willing to move some chairs and tables to accommodate you (and your family and friends). When I was there I had the Chicken Paitan; it was very good and I enjoyed eating it was a good portion for a one person dinner/lunch. Some other good dishes at Ivan Ramen are: Japanese Fried chicken, Crispy eggplant and the Vegan Shoyu, all of these exploding with delicious salty sweet and spice flavors.

I think Ivan Ramen as a great restaurant is and so is their food. I like them as a restaurant because the staff is amazingly friendly and flexible the cook is very flexible as well and open to special requests and I like their food because it has a lot of flavor and it’s clear the cooks put a lot of work in to each dish that they make including the quality and presentation of the dishes. My least favorite thing about Ivan Ramen is probably the the place/structure itself because like I said before it’s small and although it’s cute it makes it difficult for them to fit big groups of people

I personally give Ivan Ramen a 9.5 out of 10 only because the place itself is small. If it weren’t for that I would have given it a 10 out of 10. I strongly suggest that you go try Ivan Ramen for yourself, because I think the food is delicious and that it’s important to try foods and recipes from other cultures and backgrounds other than your own. It’s likely that if you like foods with a lot of flavors/spices you will love Ivan Ramen.

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