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Is S'mac Really S'macing?

by: Billie Littman

Are you a mac n’ cheese lover? If you are, I have the perfect place for you to go. On the corner of 12th street and 1st Ave Is S’mac! Other than my mom's mac n’ cheese this is my favorite place to go to get a quick bite of mac n’ cheese.

The first time I had it was actually with my mom and brother. We picked it up after school, went home, heated it up, and I loved it! My mom and brother thought otherwise, but hey it’s not for everyone.

I feel like it is best as a lunch meal, but it could also be eaten for dinner! I love this place so much, and I want people to read this so S’mac can get more business! It is a small local place and I hope you try it out someday!

They are a small place but with seating inside and out. They have take-out and delivery. I believe they only deliver in Manhattan, so that is unfortunate for people who live in different boroughs. You can always pick it up though! I normally get The 4 cheese, Nosh Mac N’ Cheese or just plain old Cheddar Mac N’ Cheese! The thing I love about this place is that you can build your own mac n’ cheese. For example: choose the cheese you want, or you can have multiple. You can choose breadcrumbs and all different sorts of toppings! The price is definitely affordable for middle schoolers and high schoolers who want to go out to lunch. It’s Also great for couples and kids!

From the time you order your dish to the time it comes out is amazing! It is so fast and it comes out fresh and hot! Because you order on an ipad and it’s self-checkout, the person that takes the cash should definitely come quicker.

I love mac n’ cheese. It's always been one of my favorite foods! I have it all the time, and it is always a treat when I go to S’mac to have it. I love cheese and pasta so it fits perfectly together! It is an amazing price for the best size. Another thing that I love about it is that it is only a block away from East Side! The waiters are so nice and sweet! The food comes out so quickly. I definitely think they should do something about paying with cash or the cashier-waiter needs to come faster to collect your cash! I don’t love how there is an up-charge for cheddar cheese rather than american because for some people like me who like cheddar rather than american, we have to pay more, and it's annoying. we shouldn’t have to pay an extra 50-75 cents!

Although there are some flaws, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes mac n’ cheese. It is an amazingly cute restaurant that definitely deserves more business. If you don’t like mac n’ cheese, I wouldn’t recommend it for you. It's not for everyone but I hope whoever does like mac n’ cheese and is trying to make lunch plans, or is in the city looking for somewhere to eat you should definitely check it out.

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