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In the Country We Love

by Milani Aviles

In the country we love

we face Inequality

In the country we love

we are Frivolity

In the country we love we are



and Scrutinized

In the country we love we are massacred

Stuck in a society where we are just passengers

imagine if your country gave you no choice

even worse what if you had no voice

This is our reality

we are the ones experiencing this tragedy

losing the lives of the ones we love

purely because they’re being judged

Judge for the skin they were born with even if they could never help it

losing our lives to fight against those who pray on our Demise

In the country we love we are Forgotten


and treated like Shit

we are thrown in this metaphorical ditch

It is unfair of the brutality we have to fear

looking over our shoulders

hands always visible

afraid of the cops whose loyalty is divisible

never upholding the system

dehumanizing us yet siding with


In the country we love

our human rights are irrelevant

In the country we love

this is our Present

our lives are Negotiable

we are Disposable

we sit back and pray hoping this world will turn to Ash one day

In the country we love we feel defeated waiting for the day they realize we are needed

In the country we love we die for our Sins

the Sin of being Different the Sin of not being the

White Man

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