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Halloween Kills Review - Spoiler Free

by Ismael Bustelo

The Halloween franchise has made audiences flock to the movie theaters almost every October since the 1970s. While the era of slasher horror films has come to an end, Halloween has continued to return to the big screen every few years. While Halloween (2018) sought to reunite Jamie Lee Curtis and her biggest foe Michael Myers, Halloween Kills (2021) serves to bring the series to somewhat of a close.

Halloween Kills is a very stylized flashy movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It was surprising to see the cinematography and costume design done in such a spectacular way for this film. The costume design and art direction contributes to the Michael Myers mythos in a way that makes him seem more monster than man. On the other hand, the plot is what you would expect of a cheesy horror movie from the 1980s. But not in a good way. The plot follows the stereotypical killer on the loose trope and a band of people trying to stay alive in a way that we have seen too many times. Like many of the other Halloween movies, the characters in this movie will make some really dumb decisions that will leave the audience wanting to yell at the screen. None of the actors in this movie are necessarily bad but the script and dialogue that they had to work with was not written well. The writers of the movie seem to believe the audience are not paying attention the way the script is so repetitive at times. They must have repeated the phrase “evil dies tonight” 50 times. Regardless, the movie is still an enjoyable watch.

The movie makes up for its lack of a captivating plot where it really counts for many horror fans. It’s no spoiler to say people die at the hands of Michael Myers in this movie. Each death is felt by the audience and choreographed in a stunning way. And Halloween Kills is still a fun mindless movie. If you’re a fan of horror movies or just looking for something to do this weekend you might enjoy this film.

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