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Dune Review - Spoiler Free

by Ismael Bustelo

Dune is a spectacle in every aspect of the word. From the brooding soundtrack to the larger than life cinematography, the film continues to astonish the audience the entire runtime. Very rarely do you see such an ambitious project succeed in such a way. As an audience member you will find yourself excited for the next installment in this franchise. On its own Dune the film is an incomplete story. It only sets the stage for a larger story to be told. But it 100% succeeds in doing so. The acting, writing, sound and set design all complement each other. Each factor contributes to worldbuilding that is so easy to get lost in. At any given moment during the movie you feel fascinated in the two hour long epic of Dune.

However, at a two and a half hour runtime it is a bold decision by the writers to only make Dune set the stage for the rest of the story later on. This film is based on the book of the same name by Frank Herbert. The novel is incredibly long and all of its complexities could not be covered in the movie as a result. This movie only serves as part one to the overarching Dune story. If you go in expecting a fully fleshed out conclusion you will be disappointed. It relies on the fact that a second movie will be coming. In spite of that, the movie definitely succeeds in getting audiences enthralled in this world. Dune is a thoroughly impressive movie and an entertaining watch.

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