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Creative Little Garden

by Alexander C. Marty

Creative Little Garden at 530 E 6th St is a gem within the city. Sandwiched between two buildings, it provides a calming respite from the surrounding city life. It’s one of the many gardens in the neighborhood, and only a few blocks away from our school.

Starting from the back is a beautiful archway

Starting from the front, nature’s dirt path leads in

A very cozy place to relax


This garden has unique gear themed art

An aesthetic shot with this diamond patterned tree

There’s also a cool looking bear statue

The tree at the back is huge!

Gardens are beautiful and a good use of our space and time. They are a great communal space to relax in with your friends or by yourself. They are also perfect for de-stressing from everyday life. New York City is gifted with hundreds of gardens that we should take advantage of. They are lovely communal spaces that stand apart from the surrounding cityscape. Check out Creative Little Garden at 530 E 6th St, just a few blocks from our school!

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