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C'mon C'mon - Spoiler Free Review

by Ismael Bustelo

C’mon C’mon features lead Joaquin Phoenix and child actor Woody Norman as they traverse through the country and learn an equal amount about both themselves and the other through their relationship. The film starts with our protagonist as he is tasked with babysitting his nephew while his sister takes a trip.

The film contains multiple interviews with children across the country that are incredibly insightful and push forward the audience's understanding of the tone and themes of the movie. The acting is wonderful by all of the main cast members and the main child actor does an amazing job at portraying such an eccentric role and capturing the vibrancy of his character’s nature.

C’mon C’mon contains a hopeful tone and holds a mirror up to the state of our humanity. The tone and strong acting express the film’s themes and encourages its audience to look at life in a different lens. The film manages to capture the family dynamic in a way that feels both familiar and new at times. Joaquin Phoenix and the child actor have great chemistry that is heartwarming to watch. As a result, C’mon C’mon is a must see.

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