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Best Books for 6th Graders!

by Daniyal Shigri

Spy School by Stuart Gibbs

In Stuart Gibbs’ book “Spy School” published on March 6th 2012, he targets middle school students to read his book. In this book, a kid named Benjamin Ripley gets enrolled into a school where he learns to be a spy. On the adventure of a nobody to a spy, he gains friends, has emotions and character development. Six grader Lincoln Sammarco said it was so good he read it twice.

Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

This book was amazing. This is an easy read and since 6th graders are learning about conflict and character development, this is a good one.You see a teen discover who she really is and the things she likes. There is character growth in different ways, but I won’t say because no spoilers! In this book, a girl named Astrid Vaquez is trying to find things she feels a connection to. She found a person playing roller derby and she knew that was her passion–but roller derby was not an easy ride to champions. 6th grade Tenzin Gyaksang said it was a good book because “I see change and difference in characters.”

Stranded Series by Jeff Probst

In this series, you get a family vacation turned to survival of the fittest. A tornado comes and its unexpected arrival ships wrecks the family to a jungle but now there are no adults.So I think this would be a good series to start for 6th graders. Noga Wald says “It's thrilling and the books aren't too long so you can read a bunch, and it is about kids our age.”

New Kid by Jerry Craft

This is a really good graphic novel for middle schoolers. This book shows a lower class student going to a high-class middle school.You see the struggles of being the “New Kid.” I love how it shows the comfort after a while from the awkwardness of the first day. Daniyal Shigri (me) says: “Fantastic book and the school has dozens of copies to lend to students. If you liked Rollergirl read this I promise it won’t disappoint.”

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