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Advice Column

by Iggy Roque and Willamina Garrelts

  1. Honestly, I'm just trying to work on preparing for College. So it's very stressful and nerve-wracking to see how fast everything is going at this moment. I could've never imagined myself being where I am right now. -soon to be a college student

Life passes us by so quickly; in so many ways the things we throughout would never end are coming to a close. The end of high school and the beginning of your adult life is so scary but also fun. While it may be stressful and tedious, this is also when you can start living life for yourself. Don't fear failure or taking time for yourself. Your high school experience and friends are the people who will stay with you forever, but there is also room for change and new opportunities. My biggest advice is to not fear trying new things. If you can step out of your comfort zone, just for a little, the possibilities that arise will make up for all the stress you are feeling now.

2. Okay so I've been friends with this guy for about 5 years and the entire time I've known him he's never been affectionate, at all. Now ever since the new school year started he's been affectionate. I don't really know what's going on but if he's finally letting go of his internalized toxic masculinity, I'm proud and happy for him. At the same time, some of my friends think he might like me. What do you think? - chives

Dear chives, relationships can be extremely complicated and confusing, Our perceptions of people are often warped because we think about that person so often. It's possible that you're looking too deeply into acts of affection, possibly confusing friendliness with signs of flirting. And from what you've told us, he still has his own issues to deal with; ideas of toxic masculinity are something that should not be present in a relationship. We all know how hard it is, but sometimes you need to distance yourself from your own bent perceptions.

3. I want to read the book "Fight Club" because I saw the movie. I hope the book is good. I'm also reading "Pride and Prejudice" right now which I don't really like that much. I feel like it's too sappy and kind of boring and I lose track of the characters. I like the old language they use, though.

Every once in a while I find a book that I do not like very much. I often try to persevere through it or at least read halfway. I think that if you do not like the book very much and have ruled out why you dislike it, PUT IT DOWN. Reading is supposed to be enjoyable, and while oftentimes we read to learn or gain information, if a book does not meet your needs or interest then it's okay to let it. I see however that you do like the old language that they use in it so I recommend finding a book from the same time period that you enjoy more.

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