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About us

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Mission Statement

Quality news where you want it, when you want it

We, as East Side students, have always had a lot to say. We have opinions and points of view on everything from what is going on right here at East Side to the crazy current events that happen each day. How can we share all that we have to say with a larger audience? How can those of us with a love of writing or reporting practice and increase our skills in this discipline? It seems a school newspaper is the answer.


We are a newspaper which aims to carry the student voice, and by doing that, enact change. From investigative pieces to movie reviews, the East Sider is a place where we can hear the student perspective.


Today, we, the East Side writers, reporters, photographers, and editors, present the new and better-than-ever school newspaper. Please join us by browsing through the website and indulging in our diverse spread of articles, or even better, join our efforts and get involved in the East Sider team!

We, The Students

East Side Community High School Papers and Worksheets
Picture of a typewriter symbolizing East Side Community High School!
A picture representing East Side Community High School's journalist!

Editors & Writers


Tigerlily Hopson

Andy Xie

General Editors:

Angelie Rodriguez

Lavon Sykes

Felicity Acevedo 


Editor of COVID Column:

Finley Keene


Naidelyn Contreras

Kimberli Quito

Marlowe Salerno 

Sabrina Michelena

Nuha Tarannum

Sadie Heald

Nicolau Berscheid

Wylie Kalotay-Nemec 

Rory Grant 

Lila Katch

Ruby Arthur


Savannah Torres

Tenzin Choyang 

Carmen Jansons

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